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Available in a variety of forms, detoxification refers to the multitude of programs, which cleanse the body of poisons. Our environment nowadays is poisonous and the foods we ingest, the water we intake and the air we inhale are all contaminated with chemicals unnatural to our system. That is why all people must go through detoxification to keep healthy and alive. While basic detoxification starts with diet, detox programs may utilize nutritional reinforcement for the kidneys, liver, lungs, blood and bowels.

We will learn why these organs are vital for detoxification. Since the bowels, kidneys, lungs, liver and blood are the organs involved in detoxifying chemicals and toxins in the body, detoxification for the body may refer to each of these organs. Functioning as an “in-line” filter, the liver eliminates foreign materials and wastes from the blood. Your lungs remove toxic gases, and your kidneys filter waste out of your blood into your urine.

Substances that are natural, including herbs, foods, and phytochemicals is what our body is designed to use. Any foreign material will act as a stimulus to our immune system, the function of which is to eliminate these materials. While the toxicity of a chemical may vary, the liver’s function is to break down toxins into compounds that can safely be processed by the body and eliminated as urine through the kidneys, as perspiration through the skin, as exhaled breath through the lungs, and as excrement through the bowels. For continued good health, these organs for elimination must be maintained.

As many detoxification programs exist, they vary in their performance and intended usage. Some detoxification programs (DP) focus on cleansing the bowels, while others may focus on cleansing the liver or the blood, and still others may concentrate on assisting the kidneys or the skin carry out their functions. It is possible to restore one’s health and appear younger when a person combines these detox programs into a total health program. Once the body can get rid of poisons, well-being is reestablished and energy and vitality are renewed. Although the variety of detoxification and wellness methods attack the problem from different angles, they usually all get good results. Programs that help detoxification will help your health. Water, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and nutrition are the other items to be thought of in detoxification.

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