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Chillum and/or Glass Pipe $50.00


A Chillum is a straight or slightly conical shaped pipe with an open channel from end to end. Originally they were made from clay, and sometimes wood.
The Chillum actually has a very interesting history as it was first used by wandering monks, also known as Sadhus, in India in the 18th century. It has been passed along the cultures and has been reported as a tool seen in sacraments by Rastafarians in Jamaica. In more recent history it is used by recreational drug users to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and opiates.
The Chillum is smoked the same way as a pipe. Held straight out – or tilted slightly upward so the contents do not spill out. The length of the channel cools the smoke before it enters a smokers mouth and then lungs, which tends to strengthen the flavor and concentration of the smoke. This is why it is a preferred method for some smokers.

Glass Pipe:

The Glass Pipes available are also sometimes referred to as an “Inside-Out Pipe”. There are references in some places to these kinds of pipes being “twice blown glass” but that is a misnomer. It is not possible for glass to be twice blown. The reason the pipe is sometimes called an “Inside-Out Pipe” is because unlike most metal or wooden pipes, all decorations (the colored stripes and dots for example) are on the inside of the pipe and the outside layer is just clear glass. This helps to prevent the design from fading away over time, whereas on a wooden or metallic pipe the colorful design will chip and fade making it less attractive. The other point of a design such as this, is that as the pipe is used tar and other chemicals build up along the inner walls of the pipe – essentially creating a black backdrop for the design to be seen even more clearly than before. And because the design is on the inside against the now black backdrop it creates an almost 3-D illusion of the artwork. The ones found here are small and simple in their designs. Made only for singular occasional use.

NOTE: These items are not all made equal and thus there are no two items that are an exact match. Because of this we cannot guarantee that the items we ship to you will match the photographs. You should also be aware that they come to us prepackaged (1 unit per package) and as we do not know prior to shipping which package contains which colors or even shape we cannot guarantee that you will receive the one you would like to purchase. We cannot at this time make any promises that you will receive a Chillum or Pipe and what length or coloring the product will have. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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